– Best Insurance Managements Solutions Online prides itself in being the modern and intuitive way to manage systems. They provide system solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their solutions are tailored to fit the needs of insurance management companies and are more than just a software system. They provide professional and informational services and support to improve the company productive and ensure the maximization of bottom lines. provides enterprise solutions to some of the largest independent brokerages and agencies across the United States and worldwide. Their software is customized for any size agency and ensures guaranteed accuracy. Applied Systems not only handles enterprises and professionals, they also work for basic businesses and provide solutions for carriers.

For the first time automation users, the DORIS program comes highly recommended by users. It has all of the fundamental features and functions that a workflow requires. Servers are not required for this product, and there is no overhead for technology support because DORIS can be accessed over the Internet. This product is ideal for smaller agencies and provides key benefits for these consumers. Their products come in all shapes and sizes as well as prices to make it affordable to any agency. Demonstrations of their products are available and only require a quick and easy sign up a sheet of basic company information. also provides resources which aid in keeping their consumers up to date with current information on cloud safety and other practice series. These resources are comprised of popular webinair series and white papers which ensure quality information for consumers to evaluate their management systems.

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