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The fascination people in and outside the technology world have with Apple products is reflected on This site is designed to share news, speculation, tips and tricks about Apple computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Appleinsider is updated with breaking tech news several times daily, or as often as conditions warrant. The current stock price of Apple is prominently displayed, along with the latest headlines. Those in the market for MacBooks may find some good deals here, and there is a large number of recent product reviews covering both software and hardware. There is also an Auction section on the site, broken down by various product types. It works in a similar way to eBay and other online auction sites, allowing for both competitive bidding and Buy it Now transactions.

The user experience is a huge part of There are multiple comments on every news story posted, and a majority of these comments reflect a strong Apple-centric viewpoint. Attacks on other products, particularly Microsoft, are often found. These news comments are just a small part of the user forums on appleinsider; there is a general section, Mac hardware, mobile and software sections, and a forum specifically dedicated to those invested in Apple stock. The Appleinsider community includes a product guide and a Wiki with a very large amount of user-generated content regarding these popular products. Anyone with an interest in Apple hardware or software could spend days absorbing everything available in the community section, and the rest of also provides much of interest for fans of these popular products.

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