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Appinions.comSo much is said on Twitter and Facebook (and so constantly) that truly feeling the pulse of the Social Web is something lying beyond the grasp of most people who have a life apart from their computers. And that is where companies like Appinions come in.


This company has developed a suite of apps that will let you know all that there is said about specific events and incidents, and use that knowledge to your very own advantage. For example, there is one app for politics, another one for the Oscars, yet another one for Wikileaks… and you can even contact the company in order to have something configured solely for you.

You will be allowed to specify the kind of search that you would like the application to carry out (keyword/on page topics) and you will also be enabled to choose where you want your opinions to come from (the whole Internet, the content of your site, the content featured in a couple of specific blogs…). In this way, you are ensured an experience as tailored as you could possibly need. In Their Own Words

Appinions offers a robust suite of flexible opinion-driven products that deliver what publishers need ? more engagement, new ways to showcase content, and readers that come back on a regular basis.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As any brand manager can tell you, apps like the ones offered by this company are nothing short of vital for staying ahead of conversations on the Social Web.

Some Questions About

What other uses can this technology be put to?


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