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AppDemopod.comLaunching an app and not including a demo on your site explaining how to use is inadmissible. Not showing customers exactly how the app should be used equals not giving them a true idea of what it is capable of achieving. That is counterproductive in every sense.


And not including a demo is all the more unthinkable when there are services like App Demopod available – services that will let you come up with a rich demo in half the time it would take you by any other means, and have it featured on your site right away.

This is accomplished using an intuitive interface, and the elements that these demos can have include buttons and images along with mouse effects and text input. Users will be able to click their way through the demo, and get an accurate understanding of how your application should be optimally used.

A basic App Demopod account comes with support for up to 3 demos and one demopod for free. If you want more, then you will have to go for a Pro account. Up to 100 demos and 50 demopods are supported in that case. In Their Own Words

Your platform for online clickable demos.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Developers will be able to show people how their apps should be used to make the best out of them.

Some Questions About

Which languages are supported? Is that an issue?


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