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App-For-Me.comApp For Me is the one service for those who have great ideas for applications but not that much technical skill. They will be able to overcome such a shortcoming here, as this is a service that basically enables anybody to assemble an iPhone application without needing to get near a single line of code. Not only that, the team behind App For Me can take care of submitting the finished application to the AppStore. So, that is all the tricky/laborious bits taken care of for you. This platform caters not only to those who are unskilled – it is also well-suited to those who know how to code an app, but who are turned off by the complexity of having anything submitted to the AppStore itself


The actual process in which apps are created using this web platform involves specifying the data sources from which the information should be extracted, and the logos/images to be used. The app itself can call websites from content links for further reading. And push notifications are also available, but they come at an extra charge – the cost for the regular version of the service is $ 169. In Their Own Words

Build your own app. No coding required. And we do the AppStore work for you!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let companies and individuals have supple content apps built and distributed, in a cost-effective way.

Some Questions About

Are there similar/identical services as far as other smartphones are concerned?


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