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API-Status.comTwitter comes under a lot of fire occasionally owing to its downtime, and I think that such a situation has sort of gotten out of hand. Show me a service or site that does not goof it up every now and then and I will eat my hat.


If all eyes are placed on something, deficiencies will be spotted sooner than later. It is only natural. In the case of Twitter, for example, it would be far more fruitful to talk about the recent Iranian hacking – that is something to truly worry about.

But coming back to the uptime/downtime debate, there is an easy way to settle the account for those who believe Twitter is not as irregular as to merit all that bad press. The API Status website stands as a spot that will let you keep an eye on 26 popular APIs. These include the ones provided by Digg,, Amazon, Bing. Flickr, Amazon and (of course) Twitter.

The site makes it very easy to learn exactly when any of these APIs goes down, and arrive at conclusive overall figures. Also, it will let you figure out if any difficulty that you are experiencing is a global one, or if it is only your desktop playing tricks on you. In Their Own Words

“Website monitoring status.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be perfect for drawing accurate comparisons, and also for learning if any situation is affecting people on the whole or only you and your computer.

Some Questions About

Will more sites be added to the current list of monitored ones?


Author : Roger Hollings

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