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The website proclaims itself the most thorough resource station for all things related to the Apache web server. Individuals from the novice to professional level can join the community and take advantage of the free tutorials that walk users through installation, configuration and management of the server. There is also a forum where site members from around the world can communicate, dialogue and exchange information with each other. This type of interaction forms the base of the website’s original intent and purpose.

According to, use of the Apache server typically occurs in conjunction with other programs like PHP, which originally stood for “personal home page” but evolved to refer to hypertext processors. Other complementary programs used with Apache include, MySQL and Java. New visitors to the website can easily subscribe to the email list in order to receive communication regarding site updates or new features. They can also access a long list of links for topics in the Help section of the community forums. This area spotlights select member questions and gives in-depth answers that many others can benefit from.

A blog also forms part of the site, covering subjects like adding click advertising features to a website, how to make use of redirect commands and files, or tips on how to select the best host for a site. Apache also keeps web designers in mind and provides a link to a special forum just for innovative site creators to congregate, brainstorm and get help with HTML and CSS questions.

Apache In The Web

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