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AP4Everything.comHave you had it with scraps of paper and notes stuck on the wall in order to remember everything? If that happens to be the case, you are not the only one. A Place For Everything is a brand new site that not only lets you set reminders using the inherent power of the WWW, but also a sort of centralized hub letting you index different documents.


These documents can range as far and wide as you want – from bills to pay to the phone number of your best-loved pizza delivery, A Place For Everything is capable of storing that information and having it always ready. You simply have to specify where you are going to locate your item, and then you will be able to retrieve it when you want it.

No matter how responsible you are, ending up with an untidy desk is something unavoidable. It has nothing to do with being careless. Rather, it is as if those items piling up in your desk were screaming out aloud “You can’t file me because you’ll never find me again” or “Don’t waste storage space on me, I expire in a few weeks”. A Place For Everything will empower you to clear your desk and do so in a way that ensures finding what you need right when you need it again is a neat task. In Their Own Words

“This is a system that uses the power of Google to index your physical filings.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking into tidying up their workplaces will most likely find a good use for this.

Some Questions About

How will the site evolve from this point onwards?


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