– Protect Your Computer Against Attacks

  • August 19, 2012

Emsisoft features a website called Anti-Trojan.NET and offers several popular software products to assist consumers in protecting their computer against trojans, malware, viruses, and other dangerous files that can harm your operating system. This website describes the dangers of these malicious programs and aids in helping consumers find the right product to suit their needs and protect their investment and the files and programs their computer contains. Without antivirus or malware protection, your computer is at risk.

The Anti-Malware scanning program offered on Anti-Trojan.NET is a great addition to the antivirus program that you may already have on your computer. This program will block malware and not allow it to run on your computer before it can become active at all. It features an Intrusion Detection System which will alert the consumer right away should any programs that are running on a computer show any suspicious behavior.

In 2009, Emsisoft tested their software against many other types of similar software. The data on their website shows the outcome, and based on the same type of operating system used in the test, Emsisoft came out above the others in the number of malware files it was able to capture. In 2009, the company received many awards for their software. You will find that Anti-Trojan.NET offers an Internet Security Pack, Firewall, and other tools to help consumers build up their computers in order to protect them. The products offered are for both personal and business use. Emsisoft also offers online ordering and downloads of their software through the Anti-Trojan.NET website.

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