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Books are what aNobii stand for. Its name is a derivative of a word that means ‘most common bookworm’ in Latin. not only boasts of a cute name but they continue to express a joy of reading in everything that they do. An important aspect at is their desire to keep up with the current times as they are continuously updating the features available on their website. They also provide security for their members when it comes to bugs and other things that might disrupt their services.


The main features available at this site include shelving your books, finding your books and sharing them. To shelve your reads you can record what you want to read and categorize and keep track of what you are reading. Finding your favorite books is done by browsing the available choices and by browsing the shelves of your friends.

The third feature, which is sharing, includes reading groups, clubs, and forums for discussion at the aNobii website. You can connect to Facebook or Twitter or get the badge for your web pages to always be in touch with your book lovers’ community, too. If you have a smartphone, Apps are available that transfer reviews and bibliographies for any books on the market. You simply scan the barcode of the book you want to research. You can also put personal home libraries into aNobii with your device.

Anobii Company began in two thousand and six and since has come into the hands of some investors from HMV of Britain and with well established book companies such as HarperCollins and Random House lending a hand. The book sharing services here are free by signing up although there is a charge for the Apps which can be purchased through iTunes.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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