– Get Quality Anime and Gaming Wallpapers

With many high quality wallpapers in anime and video gaming genres, offers the best in amazing wallpapers for computers. The wallpapers offered here are user submitted, but that does not detract from the stunning looks available. In fact, these images are frequently among the best on the Internet.

Animewallpapers offers most images in multiple sizes including the original uploaded size, which is as high as 2560 x 1440 for 27 inch iMacs, and several step-down sizes to support easy downloading for use with smaller screens. For example, the “Agent Akira” wallpaper designed by artist Miko is downloadable at 1024 x 768 or a lower resolution 800 x 600.

Getting to the files is very easy. Guest users can download images by selecting the appropriate category from the masthead (such as “Anime”). Each listed anime title has at least one wallpaper and the most popular titles have many; indeed, the count is listed behind the title in parentheses. “Sailor Moon” has 67 downloadable wallpapers.

A visitor to the website simply chooses the anime or game title to browse images. From the image browser, it is easy to sort by age of image and member ratings. For titles that have more than nine images, users can browse through pages of images. Clicking on an image brings up details including a list of sizes available for download. A save from that point makes the image available on your local machine.

Users can register for free and compete for regular prize drawings for best submissions. Without a doubt, is a great resource to dress up any desktop background.