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At are countless animated clip art designs, three-dimensional illustrations and templates for PowerPoint. Also, there are backgrounds for video or PowerPoint. provides for sound effects and more for your videos as well. With all these fetching choices you’d think you would pay a pretty penny to get some of it, but, many of the graphics featured on this website are free.


There are also various levels of membership. If you want to be a paying member you will have access to even more of the downloadable art, music for your videos and more.

Some of the categories at are power clip art suitable for print, PowerPoint or multi-media applications, and, animated templates for PowerPoint. Whichever category interests you the material can be used to fill out your webpages, enhance emails or blogs or for presenting your marketing or other business campaign through PowerPoint and more. One more thing at Animation Factory is the stock video footage that can be used in your own video presentations.

Fun and funky or mind probing and acute, you will find the tiled backgrounds here to be the finishing touch to that website that is so important to you. Called ‘media elements’ the buttons, arrows, cubes and squares in theme colors or with graphics can be grabbed from this website for your own personal use. How about a colored menu box?

Images are watermarked, while members will be able to download the items without the watermarks. There are many categories for the designs here. If you like creatures or wildlife you will find an ample supply of animated clip art for your collection. The same goes if you are into lifestyle art, education or scientific technology. Occupations in health care or government, sports animation and food or drink art begin the long list of choices.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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