– Angelfire Hosting is one of the world’s premiere web hosting providers. They began in 1996 by offering both website building services and medical transcription services. In 2010, however, Angelfire underwent yet another transformation. They now primarily focus on developing very usable site development tools. With, anyone can quickly and efficiently produce a professional website. Whether you’re looking for a simple personal page or a massive website, Angelfire can assist you. With their easy-to-use toolbar, it takes literally only a few minutes to produce your page, although you can spend more time fine-tuning if necessary.

Angelfie’s tools and services are very flexible. If you have some amount of web technology knowledge like HTML or CSS, Angelfire can help give you all the flexibility you would need. If you sign up for their plan, they also allow up to 20 e-mail address per domain and 1GB of data storage. In addition to these basics, Angelfire also offers important features such as the security features provided by SiteLock and the ability to accept credit cards with Paypal. When you spend $12.95 to get an account with, you automatically get free e-mail addresses and subdomain and domain forwarding. They also have a great community of users that you can turn to if any questions come up during the process.

Angefire really does offer a very simple and comprehensive service on the Internet, and it’s accessible to people of all ages. They are loaded with great features and at a price that makes it very accessible to the average consumer.

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