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Anekdotz.comSites like FMyLife are sure funny, and they are also necessary from a psychological point of view. Any health professional can tell you what an important role they play when it comes to liberating negative feelings and resolve to soldier on and brave bad weather.


And (again), they sure are good fun if you have just a couple of minutes to spare.

Since FMLife is an already well-established site you might question the need of yet more resources in the same vein, but the truth is that there will always be gaps to be filled. For example, sites like FMyLife that revolve around specific professions or workspaces offer an endless range of possibilities. And if you happen to be thinking about launching one but you don’t know how to get about doing that, this new application will be perfect.

Essentially, it will let you come up with a story sharing website of your very own. Users will be able to post anonymous if they want to, and the sites are mobile-friendly by default. Furthermore, if you already have a blog you can create such a site in order to give your users an additional outlet for expressing what they feel. This site can match your existing domain name, too. In Their Own Words

“Anekdotz Apps are simple, snappy and customizable story-sharing web communities (similar to Anyone with a free Google account can create one here and run it for free on Google App Engine. No programming required.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

These comment sharing sites are useful not online as stand-alone products but also as a way to supplement any blog or website. And no programming skills are required at all.

Some Questions About

What moderation capabilities are provided?


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