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On you can find what additional software is available, all of the devices the Android platform works on, and get a whole host of apps for your device.


Android is an open source platform for mobile devices. Android utilizes Google chrome as its internet browser, gmail as its email host, Google maps to help users find their way, Android Beam to share from one phone to another, facial recognition software as a password, and tons of widgets to re-resize everything into the perfect size for each user. Android software is versatile, open source, and mobile. It is developer friendly too.

Android can be placed on a number of devices from a list of manufacturers. The DROID from motorola, the LG Connect 4G, The Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G are all phones which can easily handle it. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 can handle it, as well as The LG Ignite, and the ARCHOS 101 G9. It can be on phones or tablets. There are several dozen more devices available for use at has a number of apps from Google Play that will help even the beginner enjoy a full range of services. To name just a few apps there are Pandora, UNO, Fandango, The World of Goo, Facebook, USA Today for the phone, and movies by Flixter. There are literally hundreds of applications that a user can download and use within seconds. It’s easy to explore more applications by going to and looking for their applications. It also makes it easy for your business to make and place its application on every user’s mobile device.

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