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Aminezia.comNotwithstanding how well-intentioned they are, new year resolutions are lucky if they become more than that, IE if they turn into positive action. The main problem to me seems to be that people simply forget about these things, and then they gradually disappear.


Now, if people had a system for being reminded about them on a daily basis it would a completely different story, wouldn’t it?

Aminezia is a tool that plays out that very same function, effectively acting as a personalized assistant for keeping everything in full sight as often as it is needed for you to succeed in the long run. The way it all works out is really simple, as all you have to do is add these things you want to be reminded about to the provided notebook in order to be reminded at a frequency that you can also set down yourself. You can be reminded each day, each week and each fortnight – whatever works best for you.

Ultimately, this Brazilian startup stands as a true way of starting the new year in the most focused way of all. And the fact that the service is wholly inexpensive will simply make it all the more appealing to the public at large and to casual bystanders alike. In Their Own Words

“I’ll remind you about your 2010 resolutions!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who need a little motivation and prodding will find it compelling from start to finish.

Some Questions About

Will the service always remain a free one?


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