– Trying to Get Connected

Most people have a high-speed connection available, but is for those that do not. Whether it is because dial-up is the only Internet option in your area, or because you have financial limitations that prevent you from going further, Alldial offers a solution for you. For less than the cost of a haircut you can be treated to dial-up service that will not cost more if you use more. One low price gets you unlimited service, free virus protection for your email and you can even take calls while you surf the Internet. While dial-up is usually synonymous with slow, lousy connections, will provide you with a high-speed connection that will make things less stressful. The service is not available in every area, so you may get some long distance charges if you still choose to sign up with the service.

A dial-up account is not yours to use solely, so you must take everyone else into consideration when using Alldial. If you have not been active for a significant amount of time, you will be logged off in order to cut down on wasted service. That will help keep the costs low. The email offered by provides you with the opportunity to block unwanted emails from ever entering your inbox. This means every time you log in to check your email you will not have to wade through tons of spam in order to reach the important ones. The setup process is very simple and can be dome from any Windows-based PC.

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