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If you need secure email services but want to avoid the big names in free email service, check out which offers IMAP and IMAP-based POP3 accounts. supports Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) on the default TCP/IP port number 25 as well as port 587 for submission. Many Internet Service Providers block port 25, but ald does not. It makes Transfer Layer Security (TLS) available to its users on these default ports.

TLS is used by essentially all current email clients other than Microsoft. In addition also makes available the non standard TCP ports 465 and 995 for SMTP and submission respectively. These non-standard ports are used by much of the Microsoft platform software.

Using SquirrelMail and SSH, gives you easy and secure access to your accounts from anywhere on the web. SquirrelMail is a freely available mail client written in PHP which renders all its pages in pure HTML 4.0. By sticking to pure HTML, web pages load faster, and possible glitches caused by unsupported or poorly implemented language features can be avoided.

Since this company uses the secure socket layer for connections, you can be assured of the security and privacy of your messages. TCP connections which are set up using SSH can be identified by seeing ‘https’ in the browser address line instead of ‘http’.

Like many smaller organizations, ald self-signs its security certificates so, depending on your browser’s security settings, expect to see a security warning when you connect to their server. If a small and personalized email provider which leaves default mail ports open for your use sounds like what you are looking for, check out and see if it is for you.

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