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AgileWords.comAgile Words is a platform for online collaboration. It will let you upload a MS Word document and have it edited collectively.

This service is tailor-made for small teams that need a cost-effective way of collaborating not only among themselves, but also with their clients.

The way this system works is very simple: you just upload a Word document, schedule a review and then proceed to invite as many collaborators as you want. The idea is that by having everybody working on the same file at the same time agreements will be reached far more effectively, and certainly much faster. Everybody will be able to post his own feedback and see the messages that others are posting. In this way, conflicting comments will be kept out of the picture, and the whole collaboration process will have true transparency.

Besides, the provided dashboard makes for monitoring who is slated to collaborate on what, and at which time. In this way, you will be ensured that if you employ this system deadlines will be met, and the demands of clients will always be complied with. In Their Own Words

“Upload and share Word documents online. Get instant feedback and faster document sign-off.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for collaborating in a more direct way, and it yields faster results as a consequence.

Some Questions About

Will you ever be able to upload documents created with software other than MS Word?

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