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AgileSoup.comPresented by an Australian company that goes by the same name, AgileSoup is a browser-based application for the management of teams and tasks. All the features one would expect to see in such an application are firmly in place, with the ability to employ calendars in order to set down tasks and deal with iterations.


For its part, time reporting is made very easy since this webware can generate concise charts for the tracking of the time that your team has spent on any project.

All of the above gives you a clear indication that Agile Soup has all the basic elements for starting and handling any project. And once a project is underway, any member of the team can visualize it, effectively learning what needs to be done on the whole, and what the team expects of him.

There are currently four versions of Agile Soup, catering for teams of every denomination. Small, medium-sized and large taskforces are going to find something for them here, and if you are in charge of the team yourself you might as well sign up for a free trial account and get into the swing of things. In Their Own Words

“Manage your daily tasks faster, easier and more efficiently.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is flexible enough to meet the demands of teams of every magnitude.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the free trial be deemed as too limited?


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