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AfterSteps.comThinking what would happen to our loved ones when we are no longer here is certainly sad, but there is something which is even sadder, and that is not thinking about it at all. Just a little forethought can make everything so much easier for all of our loved ones. And there’s just no reason to wait until it’s too late when there are end-of-life platforms like After Steps available. This site (started by two women who currently study at Harvard Business School) lets people take care of everything from estate and financial planning to the arrangement of the actual funeral. And the site also enables users to ensure information appertaining to their digital lives such as Gmail and Facebook passwords will go into the right hands, so that the chances of family members and loved ones running into unforeseen difficulties are minimized as much as possible.


And just in case, it must be mentioned that the site lets users make plans not only for themselves but also for other people. Useful for those who no-matter-what plain refuse to think about their own mortality.

The After Steps service comes at a cost, but that is kept really reasonable – just $4 per month will give you access to the full set off planning tools, alerts and storage for all your vital files.

After Steps competes with services such as If I Die, although it’s completely clear After Steps is far more comprehensive than that Facebook app. In Their Own Words

Create a complete end-of-life plan with AfterSteps online planning service.

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