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Advirtus.comAchieving your goals is what Advirtus is all about. Users of this new platform for self-realization are encouraged to keep at something for 21 days straight, so that it becomes a habit. It can be just anything – not smoking, exercising, writing a page of the novel that you intend to publish one day… The idea is that after 21 days doing it, such an activity will become ingrained for good.


And the way the site is structured makes keeping up a really enjoyable task. You see, everything takes the shape of a game. You will have your own rating, and upon failing to do your daily activity that rating is going to be negatively affected. Other people will be able to know how committed you are by looking at that rating.

And such a thing is important if only because users of Advirtus can connect with each other, exchange tips and ask for advice directly. So, the better the rank you have then the more likely others are to look you up. In Their Own Words

AdVirtus is a social game that makes a habit achieving your goals. It takes minimum 21 day to form habit. You can have any task (jogging, not smoking, GTD, etc). The main rule on site is not to miss a day, as you will lose your rating. You can gain experience from other users, share ideas, inspire.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very entertaining way to become motivated, not to mention that doing something collectively always ensures you will get there faster.

Some Questions About

What goals are more prevalent among users of the site?


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