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Adlesse.comWhat if I told you that there’s a way to keep ads from cropping up when you’re online? What if I told you that there’s a way to go from one site to the other without being distracted and/or interrupted by senseless banners that just get on your nerves? I bet many of you think that’s not possible. And that’s what makes sharing this new service with you all the more satisfying. It’s the kind of service you just can’t believe that it’s available until you’ve seen it in action.


Adlesse is a browser extension that takes online ads and has them turned into widgets that actually have a meaning and a purpose. For example, Adlesse can turn banner ads into widgets showing you weather information. And it can also turn them into blocks with funny facts, famous quotes and even your friends’ Facebook and Twitter updates.

This service is available for free, and just by installing this extension you’ll get Adlesse to work in the exact way you want. So far, only Firefox is supported. But it’s not far-fetched to think that something which can be so useful won’t come to other browsers in time. In Their Own Words

Adlesse Add-on rids your web browsing experience of all the annoying animated ads AND helps you instantly customize every webpage you visit with actually useful content. Put that ad space to good use with our widgets. Choose among news blocks, weather forecast, fun facts, famous quotes, Facebook feed, your friends` latest tweets and more.

Some Questions About

Are there ads that Adlesse can’t remove? Will it manage to remove them in the future?


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