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AddressTwo.comAddress Two gives small business owners a superb chance to organize their whole operations – from having a coherent contact list to managing all their leads and seeing all pending tasks through, this is a CRM that delivers. There are really no fanciful features to speak of here. Everything is kept to the point, for the simple reason that the ones who are using this application will just want to tackle the tasks which were enumerated above.


That is, the basic version of Address Two sticks to that definition. There are actually four different versions of the application available, with the most expensive one being capable of performing marketing operations that are actually quite advanced in itself, such as creating autoresponders for any campaign that has been launched. And the most expensive plans come with a virtual assistant for getting the job done even more professionally. In any case, it must be remembered that all plans can be tried for free during 14 days – time enough to gauge the usefulness of Address Two for yourself. In Their Own Words

Simple CRM for Small Business.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Small business owners are surely going to appreciate the directness of the whole application.

Some Questions About

How are plans billed?


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