2Houses.com – Tools For Separated Parents

2Houses.comMake no mistake, the ones who get the worst part of any separation are always the children who get caught in the middle. And there’s just no way to make the whole situation any less traumatic, really. Not even sites like this one make things better. But it’s great to see that people are trying to do something about what’s one of the most damaging experiences a whole family can ever go through.

2Houses.com provides parents who are getting divorced with a series of tools that are meant to let them handle everything more smoothly, both for themselves and for their little ones. If you find yourself in such an unpleasant position, then you’ll be able to use both a custody and a co-parenting calendar, for working things out in the most amicable of ways. Besides, an expenses calculator and a journal will let you keep track of everything in as much detail as it’s needed to avoid needless rows afterwards. You’ll also be able to provide your ex with medical information, and learn of your kid’s academic performance. If it’s being affected by what’s going on (it most probably will), you’ll be given the chance to do something about it before things get out of hand.

Accounts can be created at no cost, and while the service is in beta you can use it completely for free.

2Houses.com In Their Own Words

We help separated parents to communicate and get organized about their children.

Some Questions About 2Houses.com

Why aren’t there more websites like this one? Isn’t that strange, specially when we think of the role they could play if done right? 2Houses.com