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Virtual Teams In The Global Economy (Infographic)

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by Frankie Rendón


Workplaces aren’t what they once were 20 years ago – at least in the traditional sense. As more organizations are going virtual, gone are the times when workers were limited to the confines of their offices. Rewind back even five years, and you’d be hard pressed to find some of the technologies that have no doubt contributed to the rise of the virtual office.


Today’s remarkable innovation has afforded many employees (some of whom are spread across multiple continents), the luxury of working remotely. In efforts to expand their reach across borders, the corporations that hire these workers are using the power of telecommuting and virtual teams to take to the global stage.


According to this illustration, the number of telecommuters has grown significantly from 2005 to 2011 – try 73%. And if these numbers continue to rise, it is expected that this trend will transition into a regularly accepted practice among all organizations across the world. Shared office spaces, noisy colleagues and water cooler chit-chat would all be a thing of the past.

Now, imagine that.


Virtual Teams in the Global Economy (infographic)

 Infographic Courtesy of USC’s Online MCM



frankie RENDONAs a content promotions strategist for Creative Signals, Frankie Rendón collaborates with various online publications to ensure that the contagious content he creates with his team is shared all over the Web. Prior to entering the internet marketing realm, Frankie worked for a non-profit organization where he fought to address the needs of the under-served indigenous population of Latin America in efforts to improve overall quality of life.


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University of Salford | USC’s Online MCM | Courtesy of Author

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