4 Ways A Virtual Team Benefits Entrepreneurs

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by Kali Hawlk


As an entrepreneur, you wear many different hats to keep your business running. At any given time, you’re working on product creation, services, marketing, emails, accounting, and miscellaneous administration. It’s rewarding to have your hands in all facets of your business – it’s your baby and no one knows better than you how to raise it, right?


Well, maybe not. Doing all this work by yourself can drain you of precious creative energy. That pulls your focus from the big picture. You might get caught up in the details, unable to see the forest for the trees. This leads to missed opportunities for growth and a better business.


So what’s the solution? A virtual team. A virtual team is a group of virtual assistants (or VAs) that work on a contracted basis. A VA allows you the benefits of hiring an employee to help better your business, without all the complications of creating positions for full-time staff.


Hiring a virtual team can enhance entrepreneurs’ workflow, allowing you to free up much-needed time to focus on the backbone of your business: innovation, creation, and building. A virtual assistant can help out with tasks that either you don’t want to do or simply aren’t good at doing, effectively freeing you up to think big about your business.


Here are 4 ways a virtual team benefits entrepreneurs:


1. VAs allow you to exclusively focus on higher-level needs in your business

It’s easy to get caught up in the ongoing hamster wheel that is mundane, tedious tasks, like checking and responding to email. As a business owner, of course you want to respond quickly to emails and provide awesome customer service.


But at that rate, you can be answering emails all day and not getting actual “work” done. A virtual assistant can help manage communication, respond to emails, and only send you the urgent stuff, so you can focus on higher-level tasks in your business – you know, the work that will actually make you money and drive growth.


Email is just one example, but this applies to all those small tasks that need to be done but take too much precious time and energy. Bringing on a good VA allows you to put your efforts into working on your business as opposed to constantly working in it.


2. VAs enable you to do more with your time and focus on what you’re good at

In the words of Chris Ducker, the author of Virtual Freedom, “Time is our most valuable commodity. Invest it wisely.”


Ducker is a huge proponent of hiring VAs to help free up time, so that you can do more as a business owner and focus on you. Your time efficiency and management is crucial to running a successful business and maintaining a healthy work and life balance. Striking a balance in your life will only help your business, not hurt it.


By working with a virtual team, you can free up time to take care of your health, wealth, family, and business. As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to do everything yourself. But that’s simply not possible. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and if you let other people do things you are not good at, your business will be stronger and better than ever.


3. VAs can provide the leverage you need to grow your business

Growing a business takes work. When you’re stuck in the minutiae of day-to-day tasks, it’s hard to think creatively about the future. You are operating in maintenance mode, rather than a mode of productivity and progress.


Working with a virtual team can allow you to focus on the heart of your business – that thing that made you want to start the business to begin with. A virtual assistant can help you refine and streamline tasks, so you can work on growing your business, launching new products, and reaching a new audience.


4. Virtual assistants can help you enjoy your entrepreneurial freedom

One of the biggest benefits of entrepreneurship is the flexibility (and fulfillment) that comes with running your own show. Being your own boss offers an amazing amount of freedom – but what good is it for, if you never take advantage of it?


Virtual assistants can help you enjoy time with your family during the day, take random vacations when you want, or even just take a self-care day to focus on you. A virtual team can help keep the ship running when you want to take a break.


While the idea of a virtual team may seem impersonal to some, it can be a great way to streamline work and help your business. You can meet people from all over the country and all over the world to collaborate on projects that grow your business. By working with a virtual team, you can take your business to the next level and enjoy the liberating freedom of self-employment – without getting stuck in the details.


Have you worked with a virtual team before? What was your experience?

Kali HawlkKali Hawlk is a writer and content manager who specializes in helping financial businesses. She’s a member of the Heroic Search content team and authors Common Sense Millennial. You can connect with her by tweeting @KaliHawlk.


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