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3 Unbelievable Reasons Why Video Will Rule, And Why You Need To Start Doing Something Like Right Now



I’m a bit surprised “file sharing” is almost at the same level as video today. After all, we know that 2 billion (or it could be 4 billion, it doesn’t really matter) video views happen PER DAY on YouTube.





See what’s coming in the next 3 years. And good luck leaving video marketing out of your startup strategy.



Author : Gonzo Arzuaga

Gonzo is a passionate internet entrepreneur doing business online since 1996. He has lived in 5 countries, speaks 5 languages, and published 5 books. His goal is to be a motivational speaker. He loves quotes, writing, and reading. Follow him on his personal account on Twitter @garzuaga. If you love motivational quotes, follow his separate Twitter account @GonzoQuotes. Gonzo Arzuaga

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