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[VIDEO] 10 Awesome Office Food Hacks And 4 Healthy Snacks



Startup life means many a meal eaten at your desk (or “creativity pod” or whatever we’re calling it these days). Unfortunately, no company has yet figured out how to effectively disrupt the desk industry so that it can serve as both a work and eating space. As a result, we have all suffered the pain of crumbs-in-the-keyboard and hangry-induced-stale-chip-snacking.


Luckily for us, the team over at Foodbeast whipped up a short little vid outlining 10 food hacks to make your office eating easier. Boiling an egg in your hot coffee cup?? GENIUS.


Unfortunately, most of these food hacks folks on unhealthy eats and I think we can all agree that startup stress packs on enough pudge as it is. Keep reading after the video for some healthy ways to ward off the hangrys.



And now for some healthier tips that you’ll actually want to eat.

1. Hummus!

Store some sliced up veggies in office fridge and dip ‘em right in. This is probably my personal favorite and I tend to eat too much of it, something you should avoid because there is a decent amount of oil in there. Still, it’s way better than other salty/oily snacks and you’ll get your recommended amount of veggies.


2. Almonds

Science says that 23 is the magic number of almonds to get your protein without overindulging on this high calorie snack. It’s another great one for you salt-lovers who are trying to kick the potato chip habit.


3. Stovetop Popcorn

I know your office has a microwave but if it has a stove, even better. Make stovetop popcorn and smother it with whatever seasonings you like. My personal recipe includes maple syrup, soy sauce, and nutritional yeast. Don’t knock it before you try it! It’s amazing.


4. Dark Chocolate

Buy a bar of chocolate with the highest amount of cocoa in it that you can stomach. Studies have shown that dark chocolate – when eaten in moderation – can help with everything from lower BMI to better moods (duh!) to a more efficient brain. Restrict yourself to a couple of squares when you find your energy lacking in the afternoon and you’ll get the benefits without the bulge.


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Foodbeast | Kevin

Author : Emma McGowan

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