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Before You Hire A Social Media Manager – Check These Twitter Tips For Business

The past few years has seen a rise in the need for social media. With social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter leading the pack. Many businesses find themselves hiring people for jobs like social media manager. Twitter has become a tool for many businesses along with the others mentioned above. Businesses that really want to gain full usage of Twitter can check out these tips and tricks.



What To Include On Your Page

The first issue businesses will have is how to identify your business. Your profile has to define who you are, so do this by either using the company logo or a picture of you. Your choice depends on what message you are trying to send to the customers. But that’s just one area. There’s also the background and your information (bio).


The background gives you more space for you to advertise about your company. If you use your picture for your profile, the background can be used for your logo, it’s all about economy here, use every corner of your twitter profile for advertising.


The bio is the place where you have to catch the customer’s eyes. Just as leads hook you into a newspaper’s story, the bio does the same. The bio gives the people information about your company or gives information about you and what you do. Write something that is eye catching and informative.


Keeping The Customers Involved

Give back to the customers by making time for them. Have a way that people can have a twitter discussion with a customer rep. This can build a good rapport with your customers. Not to mention anytime your business is tweeted with the “@” symbol, be happy, because you just got received free advertising for your business.


You can use your Twitter page to tell customers about any updates to your company and allow for them to post any feedback.

Using Twitter For Networking

Even use Twitter to connect with others around the Twitter world. I think this is one of the biggest pluses for using Twitter, because you can connect to people that are in the same business you are in, this can help you build a good network. Also building a connection between the people in your business, allow for people that work in your company to have a forum to discuss things pertaining to you business.


But don’t be too shortsighted. Broadcast your other social media pages through Twitter and vice versa. You can tell your customers about your Facebook page or even link both pages together. But keep both pages fresh with different information; but don’t bore people with the same information on both pages. That’ll be a total buzz kill


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