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5 Steps To Transform Your Customers Into Brand Champions (Who May Be Your Best Salespeople)



We all know one of the best ways for your brand or product to grow is via the tried-and-true word-of-mouth method. Learn how you can maximize profit and visibility with this in mind. Discover how to transform your best customers, who are already passionate about your brand, into brand champions. They can be a great vehicle for your brand to reach new customers who may not have otherwise known about you.


Let’s take it one step at a time and see how you can get the job done right.





1. Identify The Customers For Referral Sales

A simple way to identify customers who are best qualified for referral sales is to use social media or a newsletter to ask your customers if they would recommend your product. If so, then you want to ask them why.


This is a simple survey tool which will allow you to identify the customers best qualified and positioned to start acting on your behalf. Get their contact information as soon as possible.


2. Online Reviews

Now that you’ve got the contact information from the customers singing the praises of your product, what you need to do is ask them if they’d be willing to write online reviews of your product on appropriate sites. Chances are that they will be willing considering they already took the time to give you positive feedback.


If you do the leg work of finding the exact URL’s for them to post their reviews on, that’ll make their job easier… and of course pay off for you in the long run. Just point them where exactly to post, and let them do the magic.





3. Get A Witness

While reviews talk about the product itself and how reliable it actually is, you’re also going to want to get customers to talk about how your product has solved a specific issue. Your product has probably made an impact on the customer’s life and solved a problem.


These personal narratives make a deeper impact with other potential customers because they go beyond the generic “it’s a great product” comments by giving specific examples of how the customers were positively impacted by the inclusion of the product in their lives.


Encourage your customers to put this kind of testimonial on their Twiter page , Facebook page, Tumblr, or blog.





4. Fielding Questions

These same testimonial based customers can also act as contacts who answer questions about your products. Potential customers may be weary sometimes of responses from a sales team because they feel like they may only be told what they want to hear.


What’s more powerful is when a happy customers answer questions from potential customers. Encourage these satisfied existing customers to be open about their experience with your product when fielding questions.


5. Passing On Offers

Another powerful tool you should consider is sending promotional codes to your network of advocates that they can in turn use themselves and offer to the customers and friends they send your way. Your advocates have themselves been in the processing of creating a new customer base you didn’t already have access to, so why not reward their hard work?


If you follow this basic strategy, you’re sure to boost sales in a heartbeat. Your startup is out there solving basic problems and listening to customers. The sooner you encourage your network of satisfied customers to speak on your behalf, the faster the word will spread about how awesome your startup and your products are.


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