Top 5 Twitter Apps For Small Business

After Twitter announced that more than 1.5 million third party apps had been created using its API I thought I’d check out some of the new offerings available. With the new user influence the site is definitely getting more kick to it and spawning some intriguing new ideas. Take a look at these five new Twitter apps that will be most useful to your small business.



1. Measure Your Personal Growth

Receive a daily email each morning that reminds you of what you were doing a year ago today. By connecting your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare accounts with Timehop, you will see a neatly packaged version of yourself a year ago based on posts of yours that were compiled from that date.



This is great for marking the progress of a business and the entrepreneur behind it, and especially helpful for creating a personal timeline of events to track your career. However, I don’t think I’d recommend it if you’re trying to put a painful event from the recent past out of your mind.

2. Understand Your Impact

With Vizify your activity on Twitter is translated to create an interactive profile based on your personal analytics. Find out who your top followers are and which is your most viral content.



You can even see the places on the map where your tweets are having the most resonance. The infographic representation of your account details is easy to use and offers a great illustration of your strengths and weaknesses in Twitter marketing.

3. Get Help To Make Up Your Mind

YelpGuru lets you pose a choice between two things, and let your followers respond. When you’re on the fence, it’s great to have the opinion of the masses to help you make up your mind. This could be an excellent way to get rapid feedback about your decisions without the expense of conducting a lengthy survey.



When developing your brand, getting clear user preferences is invaluable, and being able to collect these samples for free before making a final decision could definitely save you  money. Just think of all the setbacks that might have been avoided if this had been around earlier.

4. Make Coupons

Create coupons that can be used for purchases both on and offline with TwtQpon, and enjoy the ease of tracking their redemption through the site as well. With Twitter Coupons there are different payment options to offer coupons for multiple Twitter accounts, which lends well to staff-wide use of the app.



Just another way to use the cloud to help with marketing your business.

5. Meet The Neighborhood

If your business thrives on actual foot traffic, it might be helpful to know what’s going on in your neighborhood. With Nearby Tweets you can find out who’s tweeting in your neck of the woods. Knowing that a potential customer is within stumbling distance of your product can be very helpful, especially if they’re already tweeting about it.



When a user tweets that they’re falling asleep at their desk, why not suggest that they stop by your cafe for a pick-me-up.

* One For Fun

Not much mystery to this one, the name says it all. TWETRIS is an enjoyable waste of time in which the latest tweets are colored and converted into TETRIS-style shapes. When you need to occupy your mind with something absolutely pointless, this is a good app to reach for. While this is an interesting idea, for me, nothing tops the Human TETRIS.


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