Top 5 Job Search Sites

The world has progressed from how it used to be fifty years ago. Your job hunt is now powered by AI, the internet, and some billions of years of evolution. Job search sites were founded in tandem with the demand of this technology age. You can leverage technology to aid your job search. Because you don’t need to walk into an office to enquire about vacant jobs.  

Job search websites like Jooble compile and list as many job openings as possible on their websites for users. They serve as a modern equivalent for job postings, including career coaching, resumé templates, and helpful tips on how to secure jobs online. Some platforms can further connect you with companies once you indicate the type of job you seek. 

Top 5 Best Websites You Can Leverage For Job Search

Just as job seekers use job search sites, recruiters also employ this medium. According to a new survey by Pew Research Center, 54% of US adults have gone online to explore the available jobs, and 45% have applied for those jobs. This shows how much people leverage the internet to land their dream jobs. Digital tools like smartphones and laptops at people’s disposal have further simplified job search. 

You can access these job sites at once with just a tap. It is also worth noting that there are job search sites with specific jobs they post on their websites. For example, Behance is mainly for creatives looking for jobs, and you can find restaurant jobs on Poached. 

To this end, we have teamed up with professionals from job aggregator Jooble to discuss the top 5 job search sites you can leverage to land your dream job. Let’s explore more. 

  • Indeed

Indeed is now the world’s largest website for job search and is 100% free for people hunting for jobs. It is currently at the top of Forbes Best Employers For New Grads 2022, which means the platform is really good when it comes to job search.

The site was established in 2004, with more than 250 visitors every month. Indeed gathers thousands of jobs from different companies’ career pages and posts them on their website. Although checking these job openings one after the other can be exhausting, Indeed has a quick search feature that makes the job application process fast and easy for job seekers.

All you have to do when you log in on this website is type in a job title and a location, then upload your CV and register for a single-click application. This saves users the stress of uploading their resumé every time, increasing their chances of applying for open positions. 

Subsequently, you get email alerts from the website regarding what you input when a new job appears, and it’s in tally with your saved job searches. 

  • ZipRecruiter

No doubt that job search websites have affected the labor market positively, but there are ones that stand out. ZipRecruiter is one of the most efficient websites for a job search that lets you search jobs by keyword and location. They also recently came out with a new “Get Recruited” option. Here, they claim companies reach out to you after dropping your details, such as name and email address. 

ZipRecruiter boasts of over 1 million companies, more than 2.8 million businesses, and over 110 million job seekers using the platform. This website started operation in 2010 and stated its goal to “help people find meaningful employment.” ZipRecruiter recorded a 4.5x organic conversion rate following their integration with Google job search experience. They now have structured data for the distribution of millions of jobs. Their website also affirmed linking quality candidates with 80% of the employers who post jobs on the website in 24 hours. 

ZipRecruiter offers customization of your resumé to fit in for each new job you seek. The site has a messaging with employers feature and a notification setup that alerts its users. 

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another giant job search site you can leverage to land your dream job. Professionals, such as employers, job seekers, and HR managers, use this platform to scout for qualified candidates. The job listing it delivers and the promotion of network outreach. This has made LinkedIn a home for recruiters and job seekers.

LinkedIn has recorded over 830 million professionals using its site to connect, learn, grow, and get hired since its official launch in 2003. Hires on the platform have also increased by 88%. It also has a brilliant feature that initiates and executes a fast and functional job application process. The “Apply via LinkedIn” feature pulls profile information for job openings. 

LinkedIn also allows you to connect with other professionals on the platform while you get timely information about candidates, organizations, or future employers. Many people who are going through career changes also make use of LinkedIn. 

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an incredible website you can leverage for a job search, and there are reasons it made this list. The platform was founded in 2007 and started as a review/rating site where employees could leave anonymous reviews for their employers. Since then, the company has made its name and now functions as a reliable search engine for jobs and an excellent salary research tool. 

The website provides millions of jobs you can search for and apply for directly via their platform. It is a worthwhile platform to browse for jobs online. Meanwhile, you must create an account and upload your resumé to use the site. You will also be receiving email alerts of curated lists of job opportunities when you sign up for the notification.

Glassdoor provides job listings and company ratings vis-à-vis. It has up to 51.9 million visits per month.

  • Jooble

Jooble is one of the top job search platforms that bring talents and companies together. It is famed for its operation in 69 countries and 90 million users monthly. It was founded in  2006 by two students and has grown massively since then. This job search site has various job openings ranging from remote to full-time jobs, flexible jobs, and even jobs without experience

Jooble has up to 944,000 new job vacancies available on its website. With a search button, you can explore different job openings taken from other job boards. Users also receive mail alerts once they define the type of job they want and have uploaded their resumé on the platform. Companies that hire mainly international candidates are tipped to find candidates on Jooble. Because of Jooble’s large percentage of international visitors on their website. 


Although there are several ways to discover opportunities, expanding your search across many channels is a smart move. You never know the medium through which you will see the life-changing offer you have been anticipating all this while.

Websites for job search are like a modern equivalent of classified ads that gather job openings on one convenient platform. These websites can also introduce you to positions and companies you don’t even know you can explore. 

However, it is impossible to use all the websites, and you cannot apply for all jobs. The top 5 job search sites listed above are like filters that provide you with the best you need as a job seeker and even as an employer.