Oh, Wednesday, We’re So Happy It’s Thursday

Poor Wednesday. It just can’t win.

Case in point: by the time you read this it will likely no longer be Wed. Because Wednesday always comes up short.


Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving, which was followed by Black Friday then Cyber Monday then (new to me, this year’s invention?) Giving Tuesday. No theme, however, for Wednesday.



Wed ftr



Sunday Funday. And Saturday? Saturday is like the Beyonce of the weekly calendar – it’s so exalted and entertaining and has so much money, it does whatever it wants and lives in a different stratosphere. It’s Saturday, for startupssake. It lacks nothing. Only Wednesday goes without a lively alias.


Sure, it’s known in some circles as hump day, but this is no name to win a following. And believe you me, we’ve tried. Wicked sharp Emma McGowan ran a column on KillerStartups called the Hump Day How Tos for some time, putting all the sex and tech into the middle of the week that any day could hope for, until… let’s just say that – unless partners are willing to bend into compromising positions – pandas are prudes.


In my own humble way, I’ve tried to recharge Wednesday with my Best In Beta picks, because I have faith that technology will find a way for us to whoop it up on Wednesday. But I’m a realistic dreamer. Beta startups are hot, but probably not enough to lift an entire day out of permanent doldrums.


So friends, what are we going to do about Wednesdays?

Forget about breaking news. The whopper headline as I write these words – Google doing away with CAPTCHAs with… wait for it… reCAPTCHA. Which neatly summarizes the immensity of the challenge before us.


As a writer, I usually turn to alliteration for a lift in difficult situations, so I gave all of the following rebrands a spin –


  • WordPress Wed
  • Wireless Wed
  • WiFi Wed
  • We All Hate Wed
  • Nomadic Worker Wed
  • Crowdfunding Wed


The results speak for themselves.


I’m told our good friends at Fundable have implemented a work from home on Wednesday policy to great success, now observed weekly with steadfast devotion. This may very well be the best that we can hope for concerning our thorny weekday.


Shaking up routine cheers me. Only a suspicion that it may be some time before the practice is adopted widely, limiting such innovative joy to a fortunate few, dampens my enthusiasm.


I don’t have the answer, I’m afraid. I leave the problem in your more capable and numerous hands. Instead of penetrating the mystery, I sign off with a personal find (because of timing, it can’t be classified news) that brightened my afternoon considerably. A tidbit that somehow has an apt build for a Wednesday – a successful Kickstarter campaign, a remarkably clever and useful product: Collar Perfect: The Insane Travel Iron.


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