The Ultimate Guide To Unplugging (Infographic)

plugOne of our favorite questions to ask the hundreds of entrepreneurs we talk to here at KillerStartups is where they get their best ideas. The fitness-types tell us it’s while they’re running; some cheeky ones say it’s when they’re drunk; but the most common answer is in the shower.



What’s the one thing that all three of those places have in common? They’re all (relatively) unplugged times of our lives. Stepping away from the tech and unplugging for even as little as 10 minutes gives your subconscious space to creatively explore all of things that your conscious brain has been rapidly cycling through during your too-busy days, evenings, and (let’s be real) nights. When you’re connected to your phone or iPad or computer, there are too many distractions to properly process.


The idea of unplugging has become so popular – and the reality of doing it so difficult – that off the grid camps and events are popping up in startup hubs like San Francisco and New York. If you’re not in one of those major cities (or you can’t afford the fees), check out The Ultimate Guide To Unplugging from Greatist for the benefits of and ways to unplug.


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Greatist | Samuel M. Livingston