The Benefits of Link Building for Emerging Startups

Startup entrepreneurs are always looking for the marketing strategy that can put them on the map, yet still work effectively within the confines of their limited budgets (or niche needs). It’s undeniably hard to find this balance, especially with the diversity of online marketing strategies available today.

But one strategy stands out above the others, with a range of benefits both universal and unique to new businesses: SEO backlinks for startups. The basic idea is to publish offsite content on major publishers, with each article including a link back to the content on your site (usually in the form of well-written onsite blog posts). It’s a simple tactic, in theory, but has tremendous potential for any entrepreneur who wants more visibility for their emerging startup.

The Perks of Link Building

Let’s start by covering some of the basic benefits of the strategy:

The Advantages for New Startups

There are also some unique advantages that emerging startups can claim, due to the nature of their young business:

Link building isn’t the only strategy startups should be using—in fact, link building performs best when it functions as an element of a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy—but it is one of the best in terms of ROI and longevity. It’s hard to break into the field on your own if you don’t have access to skilled content writers or existing publisher relationships, but a link building agency can help any startup build the momentum they need to succeed.

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