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The Ad Makes The Man

Does the suit really make the man? Well, the internet has given way to seeing a different side of companies, and a strong content marketing style can really enhance the way consumers see a business. Professionalism in social media is a good example of the way a company carries out their business, and can also damage the image they are trying to portray if they aren’t careful. A good content marketing style guide can prove to be essential to stay away from marketing faux pas, and keep that suit looking shiny and sleek.


It is always smart to know:

What you plan on doing, and who you plan on doing it for.

Look into the common problems or concerns that can help you overcome mistakes and improve the quality of your material. Make sure you cover all fields, not just the marketers. Everyone needs to be on the same page, so accommodating everyone will keep everyone on board and working towards the same goal.

Simplicity is always key.

Have a foundation that can easily be understood and has the organization that won’t let anyone or any task fall through the cracks. Give points and notes that ensure everyone hits the essentials, and keep it clear what is acceptable and what isn’t. Don’t stray from who you are either, but keep a grouping of words that is unique to your company’s identity so you can always be recognized. Also, punctuation, spelling, and clarity of speech give of the professional demeanor, and keep the audience away from confusion.

Keep your resources limited.

To have your team working as a unit, let them all reference the same materials to know that everyone is on the same page with grammar, punctuation and style. This also furthers the identity of your company, and takes away the confusion of employees knowing what the correct format of articulating their work is.

Bring ‘em on in and show ‘em a good time too!

It’s not all about the info and the audience needs to get captured with what they are interacting with. Give the work a little flavor that doesn’t let the audience forget what they read. Make it pop with well-known ideas, quotes, maybe even a picture of a relevant beauty icon. It’s hard to forget an Angelina Jolie smile!


The style guide shouldn’t be promoted as a rulebook.

It is a helpful hand, and make sure that everyone knows it. Put forth the same enthusiasm as you would the product everyone is promoting. A sense of success that the style guide can offer will leave employees eager to test the waters. The guide should be a mandate however, and adherence to it will increase efficiency and morale. So stay true to the course, and let it do its work.


Finally, the guide should never be set in stone.

Feel it out, see what works, see what fails. A living guide lets your standards evolve with the changes of your audience and your writers. Change is constant, so keep going back to the drawing board to know that you aren’t falling behind and that the suit hasn’t started to unravel.


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Author : Rhys O'Neill

Rhys is a native Texan and a former U.S. Marine. He has always been passionate about writing and never forgoes the opportunity to continue fine-tuning his craft. He began at the age of 7 by starting his own community newspaper and has found many outlets in between from sports journalism to travel blogs, Rhys is rarely without pen in hand.

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