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Friday Tech Top 10 – Starting The New Year On The Right Path

The countdowns and fireworks and confetti are behind us. We’re already at the end of the first work week of 2014 – a mercifully short work week that, with a little reflection this weekend, we can treat like the first crank of the engine rather than a stutter step. The open road is ahead. Now is the time to aim for those financial targets, startup benchmarks, and fulfilled resolutions on the near horizon. What a spectacular view!





1. Twelve Financial Resolutions You Should Make This New Year

“Becoming an entrepreneur can be a scary proposition, and one factor that keeps many people from making that leap is finances.”


Are there any other resolutions more important for your future in business this year?



2. Promise Or Pay – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Or Into Charity)

“The trouble with resolutions, or other attempts at self-improvement, is that we feel so terrible when we fall short of our goals – and let’s be honest, this happens more often than not.”



Of course you’ll live up to all of your resolutions this year. This startup offers inspiring incentives.



3. Four Ways To Prepare Your Startup For Long-Term Growth

“Many startups are so busy ‘treading water’ that they don’t plan on having lasting, core strategies in place for major industry changes that could have been predicted.”


You don’t need a crystal ball to see some things coming, just preparation.



4. How To Keep Your Business Lean And Profitable

“Staying lean in business means having everything you need and nothing you don’t.”




Put the lean philosophy into successful practice.



5. Five Tips For Getting Started In A New Industry

“…a household brand that delights customers, creates beautiful experiences, and employs an inspired, world-class team who’s in it for the long haul.”


Be bold in 2014, going where you have never ventured before.



6. Stalk And Track When The Stuff You Want Goes On Sale With Shoptagr

“Post-holiday season, it’s fair to say that everyone’s wallet is feeling a bit squeezed. That doesn’t always mean, however, that everyone has stopped wanting things…”


Buy stuff when the price drops, with hardly any effort.



7. Passing Exams – Find Affordable, Online Tutoring At MyTutorWeb

“…for the pupil in need of additional personal instruction, one figure has been curiously absent from most attempts to disrupt education: the tutor.”


A lot of education disrupting startups would love to be teacher’s pet. This one has an original approach.



8. Twelve Ideas For Startups To Manage Cash Flow

“Startup companies need to realize that it’s important to hold your purse strings tight.”




Easier said than done, right? Ramya Raju offers helpful tips.



9. Not Just SEO, Your Small Business Needs Holistic SEO

“As a startup or small business owner, you need to have a perfect SEO strategy to leverage the benefits offered by search engines.”




When has run-of-the-mill ever cut it? Make it holistic and just right.



10. Patrick Conley – Conquering Chaos

“It sounds obvious but so many people don’t take it to heart: focus on solving problems that people care about and are willing to pay you to help them solve.”


Because sometimes you need to hear it from a design, robotics and systems expert to believe it.



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Author : Keith Liles

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