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Tech Top 10 – New City, New Language, And New OPPRTUNITY



I’m reporting to you from my new abode where Game 7 is about to begin and beautiful people parade in orange Lamborghinis. That’s correct. I’m in Miami. And, it’s super hot… in every sense of the word. But, if I can’t live abroad, Miami is the next best thing. My Spanish and tan are already improving. Looking forward to the months ahead. And, I’m sure you’re looking forward to the Tech Top 10 ahead, seeing as I dropped the ball last week. So, check it.


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1. How Can A Non-Tech Startup Co-Founder Provide Value?

“While the technical co-founder can focus on developing the business in the “back room,” your non-technically minded co-founder can focus on building the brand’s voice “front-of-house.”


Check out more value-added tips from guest author Carlo Pandian here.



2. 5 Tips For Growing Your Business At The Right Pace

“If you haven’t yet found a viable business model that will allow you to acquire customers at a lower cost than the lifetime value of that customer, you simply are not ready to scale. But you can ready your company by focusing on your finances first. Consider the following suggestions to help you to refocus your company development in a thoughtful and calculated way…”


Guest author David Ehrenberg tells us how to grow our startups at the right pace here.



3. Don’t Miss A Single OPPRTUNITY

“Everyone’s all up on LinkedIn by now, to the point where people I know through casual social situations are endorsing me for things like “Research.” (How the hell do you know that I research well, drinking buddy I run into sometimes? Oh right: You don’t. But thanks for the thumbs up!) If you’re feeling a little worn out by the behemoth that everyone’s favorite networking site has become and want something a bit more effective, it’s time you checked out OPPRTUNITY.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.04.29 PM


Check out why OPPRTUNITY is connecting you with your next job here.



4. 15 Tips For Rebuilding Your Brand After A Major Mistake

“Question: After a screwup, what steps can you take to rebuild your personal brand?”


YEC members tell us how to bounce back from a startup flop here.



5. Need An Awesome Explainer Video For Your Startup? Revolution Productions Will Make It Happen

“By now you better have some sort of explainer video for your startup. If you don’t, well, you better get it together because your potential customers and users want to see how your product works, in less than 2 minutes, and it has to be awesome. Lucky for you, there’s Revolution Productions.”


Check out my interview with founder Anish Patel here.



6. $36M. Salamanca. What Language Is This? I’m Talking LingoMatch

“ is a language exchange community. People may post ads looking for native speakers of various languages to speak with, or search ads for people interested in swapping language skills. That’s the deal. LingoMatch champions simplicity and hopes to connect language partners quickly.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.07.52 PM


My boy Keith gives us the LingoMatch dish here.



7. Can’t Beat ‘Em, Thank God You Can Join ‘Em: Make New Friends At FriendBeat

“ is a social networking platform designed to help people make new friends. Meet the people in your neighborhood who share your interests and a desire for friendship. Communicate with one another on the platform, swap information, or make plans together.”



8. The Top 10 Most Untapped Industries For Startups

“What industry or niche is there a ton of untapped potential in for aspiring entrepreneurs right now?”


YEC members reveal the most untapped startup industries here.



9. Seek4Career – More Than 150,000 Fresh Job Listings Daily

“Over 5 million job openings. In the United States. Visit and see for yourself. Despite all the nervous forecasts and cautious optimism, there are jobs for the taking in our resilient land of opportunity. This new job search engine hopes to help guests zero in on suitable positions with the precision of a heat-seeking missile.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.09.36 PM


Find your next job here.



10. 11 Non-Business Apps You Shouldn’t Be Without

“What’s one non-business app that you can’t live without as a busy entrepreneur?”


Check out these awesome apps here.


Two words: Go Heat.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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