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Friday Tech Top 10 – Exclusive Offers, Crowdfunding Stars, and Financial Shake-ups

I’m feeling a little guilty this week for having received amazing gifts (trip to Patagonia, hell ya!) for doing nothing more than having been born. I know you startup visionaries and tireless workers are much more deserving of rewards for your tremendous efforts. Maybe it wasn’t your birthday, and maybe these stories aren’t quite a week on the shores of a pristine lake. But… With the hot tips, inspiring examples, and affordable tools in this week’s tech top 10, you too might find the ticket to your dream destinations.





1. What It Really Means To Bootstrap Your Startup

“What does it take to launch a startup on your own dime, and in your own backyard? I want to dispel some of the common misconceptions about bootstrapping, and share some practical advice about using this method for your own startup.”


Garret Moon details what working with $0 in outside funding demands of your time.



2. Killer Secrets! Learn How To Get Your Traffic Up To 10,000 Hits A Day

“…all without any marketing or any of the usual social media tricks that you already know about.”




Do Not Miss! Do not miss Emma’s invitation to an exclusive webinar for the KillerStartups community.



3. How To Write An App Press Release

“You’ve created a great app, and it’s ready for release. Now what?”


Sean Casto walks through the essentials of crafting these effective tools.



4. 14 Things You Should Know About Finance Before Starting Up

“A pile of account receivables is not the same thing as cash in the bank. Having learned this painful lesson many times early on in my startup days, I always stress to other startups to hold off on new hires or expansion plans until the cash is actually in the bank.”


YEC members share their mistakes and sound advice. Don’t learn the hard way.



5. Pick Of The Crowd: Libby’s App Harnessing The Power Of Stories To Fight Obesity

“Welcome to the very first edition of Pick Of The Crowd, my brand-new weekly column highlighting one very special startup that’s currently seeking crowdfunding.”




The first marvelous installment of Emma featuring superb crowdfunding projects.



6. £20,000 Empowers Papora To Disrupt How People Learn Languages Online

“In 2011, the world’s language learning market was estimated at an astonishing $58.2 billion (USD). Zooming out a bit, it shouldn’t be that surprising that…”


Adam profiles this innovative startup that puts the fun (and dollars) into learning.



7. How To Lower The Costs Of Starting A Business

“You must have a strategy to save money, or you’ll start your business in debt.”




Sam Melton helps entrepreneurs start out putting the right bootstrapped foot forward.



8. New Facebook Earnings Report Makes Some Rethink Social Media Outreach

“For the first time since taking over the world of social media, it seems that Facebook is starting to lose their teenage user base.”


Adam discusses the changing habits of this demographic and what it means for every one’s business.



9. How To Hire A Programmer If You Don’t Have A Programming Background

“For people who are code illiterate, I just might have unlocked the secret to hiring the best programmer available.”


3 bad hires taught Shahzil Amin how to find the perfect match.



10. Defeat The Spambots, Once And For All!

“PENIS ENLARGEMENTS FOR $25! Abort ship, take down any and all links to your email! EU CASINO THE BEST PLACE TO Gamble…”


Connect with customers minus the spam using this conversion rate optimization tool.



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