Which Tech Hub Is The Best Fit For Your Startup? [Infographic]


It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Silicon Valley has the largest startup ecosystem. However, there are some key differences between other major startup hubs like New York City and London that might help entrepreneurs decide which tech hub is the best place to grow their tech startup. Do you know who has the upper hand when it comes to scaling?



This infographic on where to start a tech startup, put together by Biz Brain, compares the startup scenes of three major players: Silicon Valley, New York City, and London. It compares their size, funding levels, types of funding, and the types of startups that tend to do better in each location. A map of the states, which shows the venture capital that went into other tech hubs in 2012, spins the startup globe into helpful perspective.


Maybe even more important than the money, is gauging the niche that will best fit a new company. What U.S. city favors older entrepreneurs? Where will employees most want to make it rich or simply aspire to make a good living? These questions, whose answers should help determine where an entrepreneur opens shop, have less obvious answers. Have a look at these cities’s profiles, and find the right fit for your startup.





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