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Sustainable Business: Why It’s Worth It (Infographic)

by Frankie Rendón



Sustainability is an ever-evolving concern among communities today. It seems as if every day we find a new reason that sustainability should be a core focus in life and work going forward.


sustainable business


With this comes the need for businesses to adapt and respond to sustainability concerns, which will only increase in the future. Sustainable jobs are growing, with the percent of US citizens willing to act on environmental concerns surging year over year. As the preservation of resources becomes more and more important, green businesses will only continue to spring up.


This visual highlights some unique aspects of the sustainability revolution and helps convey just how valuable this particular field is.


Sustainable Business: Why It’s Worth It

Infographic courtesy of Marylhurst University Online MBA




frankie RENDONAs a content promotions strategist for Creative Signals, Frankie Rendón collaborates with various online publications to ensure that the contagious content he creates with his team is shared all over the Web. Prior to entering the internet marketing realm, Frankie worked for a non-profit organization where he fought to address the needs of the under-served indigenous population of Latin America in efforts to improve overall quality of life.


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