Stop Using Outdated Marketing


A rough estimate of more than 86,000 advertisements is seen by the average person every year and the vast majority of people have learned how to tune it out effectively. If you are launching a marketing campaign for a new product or service you have to avoid some of the methods which are ignored by consumers.

In order to do this you have to understand the digital landscape and know the methods used in years past will not register with today’s audience.


 So… Just Don’t Do The Following:


Not Listing The Price.

Not listing the price was seen as way of forcing the consumer to call you and get information about your product. An important piece of information that destroys this antiquated marketing ploy is that 40% of smartphone users in the United States compare prices on their device while they are at the store. If you don’t have a price on the product you are offering you are going to be tuned out.



Promoting your product and only your product is no longer a practical approach to introducing your item for consumption to the consumer. You have to provide instead of selling. If you provide the right information about your product the consumer will find you and buy it without a great deal of effort on your part. The promotion has to be one part of a very large synchronization effort that includes every available new marketing ploy geared to the digital landscape.



Scripts are created to for a product and the sales pitch is delivered with the same information to everyone. This is one reason TV and radio commercials are skipped or muted by most people. By connecting with the people using social and interactive media sales people can bond to people on a personal level sometimes eliminating the need to make the sales pitch.


Mass Mailers.

Random mass mailings are seen as environmentally irresponsible by most young consumers. If they associate your company as being irresponsible it is highly unlikely they will purchase your product or service. Unless your customer request information through the mail do not send unsolicited mailers.


Online media has made it clear that business don’t operate only from 9 to 5. Social media is used to make a connection with the consumer at any time of day, night, weekend or Holidays.  The connection the consumer makes with a business is made after reading or watching information about a particular product.


Cold Calling.

Cold calling is considered the most intrusive form of marketing by the majority of consumers. This point is driven further by the 200 million Americans who have opted out of the “Do Not Call List”. If you are using a phone marketing campaign research the customer and create a targeted pitch.


Not Integrating Your Platforms.

Current marketing trends need total integration of all your market platforms in order to achieve total penetration for the delivery of your message. Leaving one segment of the platform can reduce the effectiveness of your overall campaign.


Social Media Is Not A One Way Medium.

If you are using social media to post scripted sales messages you are missing a great opportunity to engage your customer in a more interactive way. If the information you provide doesn’t engage the customer they will click your site and go somewhere else.


Sales And Not Service.

Focusing only on sales is one way to lose your customers. If you want repeat customers your priority has to be on the satisfaction of the customer with the product or service they purchased from you. If you don’t give the customer a reason to go elsewhere they will stay with you for the long term and become repeat customers.


Old Content.

You will not get customers to return to your site if you have old content. Everything from social media, blog and YouTube has to have fresh content that is relevant to your business geared to your customers.


The key to not using outdated marketing is giving the customer what they need using the latest delivery method because if you don’t do it your competitors will.


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