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How Startups Can Attract More Gen Y Workers



by Kimberly Crossland


Ready or not, a new generation of employees is hitting the workforce. Generation Y employees have received quite a bit of attention. This new generation of workers is being seen as more creative, innovative, and ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.





For startups, attracting Gen Y workers is crucial. You know you need a web presence and to adapt quickly to new trends, and one of the best ways smart startups have found to do this is by hiring top Gen Y talent.


If your startup is looking for ways to bring in fresh insight and creativity, here are a few easy ways you can attract the cream of the crop from the Gen Y employment pool.


1. Be Flexible

There has been a lot of talk in the press about the Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, not allowing people to work from home. This sparked quite a response from companies both for and against the idea of telecommuting. For new college graduates and Gen Y workers, working from home -or wherever – is highly valued. People think, operate, and produce in different ways. For a Gen Y worker who is used to writing term papers alone, allowing them to get their work done on their own and without interruption at least one day a week can be a major perk. Startups that are as flexible as possible with work conditions will rise to the top of places for employment and attract more top talent.


2. Upgrade Your Office

Executive desks and uncomfortable chairs are a thing of the past. Now, Gen Y employees want something that will keep them healthy and feeling good while they are at work. A continually growing demand among Gen Y employees is upgraded office furniture that will support their creativity and productivity. Standing desks (even some with a treadmill underneath) are becoming a common fixture in offices. By providing your team with an office that will keep them active and healthy, you are a more attractive employer to Gen Y workers. You have less likelihood of people calling in sick, and the output you receive from each employee tends to be far better.


3. Start Giving Back

The younger workers of today love making an impact in their community. When they work for a company that shares their passion for giving back, they become more loyal and respectful of the brand they represent. To attract more Gen Y employees, get out in the community and do something for a good cause. This does not have to cost a lot and can be very simple, such as running a race as a team, spending a day washing dogs at the local animal shelter, or painting over graffiti in the neighborhood. Social responsibility has always been important. Startups must do their part to give back to their community just as much as large corporations if they want to attract young talent.


Getting insight from the next generation is vital for startups that want to penetrate new markets and grow. With these actionable tips, you can attract better employees and more innovative thinkers. What else have you done to attract Gen Y employees to your startup?


Kimberly Crossland is an entrepreneur with a passion for finding and writing about the latest trends in business. As a Gen Y entrepreneur herself, she understands the shift taking place in the way people work today. She has even upgraded her home office with modern office furniture to help feel better while at work. To find the latest in ergonomic office furniture for your startup, visit



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