8 Must-Have Startup Tools

by Vincent Clarke


Building your own business is no easy task, and it certainly requires a significant amount of sweat equity. Luckily, these eight startup tools are here to make the process quite a bit easier.


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  1. LiveChat. Cultivating positive relationships with your customers is one of the most important things you can do for a young business; excellent customer service and communication are two of the most powerful ways to distinguish yourself from competitors. This innovative tool facilitates easy communication between customers and your brand; they can use LiveChat for troubleshooting before they buy or for customer care after they buy. Remember, customers always appreciate a personal touch.
  1. Followerwonk. This mega-tool helps you dig through social media data. It can be used to track follower gains and losses, compare Twitter accounts, do global searches in Twitter bios, and analyze the followers of any account. Followerwonk is especially advantageous when it comes to audience targeting.
  1. StreamScience. Content marketing is crucial for any business, especially startups. However, when content marketing is done poorly, it can actually do serious damage to your business. StreamScience offers valuable content marketing support, enabling your brand to take your marketing strategy from mediocre to extraordinary. StreamScience creates, curates, and distributes content for your brand, helping to drive engagement and ensure your maximum potential is reached.
  1. AgoraPulse. If you want to succeed as a startup, you absolutely need to be on top of your social media marketing game. AgoraPulse is a full management platform tailored to both Facebook and Twitter. It boasts a broad range of applications, analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. All in all, this unique tool helps boost the quality of your social media marketing strategy.
  1. Wistia. Video is an absolutely crucial component of any content marketing strategy. The average Internet users spends one-third of his or her time online watching video, and according to a Cisco study, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. If you want to improve your startup’s chance of success, you need to have the best videos around. Luckily, Wistia can help you improve your video marketing strategy. This unique tool allows you to track who is watching your videos and for how long. It provides detailed analytics, such as user heat maps, and offers integrations with external stats tools, such as Google Analytics.
  1. GetResponse. In today’s world, email marketing is vital. Research shows that close to three-fourths of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email, and more than two-thirds of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of email marketing. Effective email marketing is especially crucial for startups, as it helps build your audience. An engaging and informative email campaign can help you to attract new customers while simultaneously retaining existing customers, but a poorly crafted email marketing campaign can actually do damage to your business. That’s where GetResponse comes into play. This innovative email-marketing tool offers startups a range of important services, including an email creator, landing page creator, split testing, auto responders, email analytics, and more. It helps your startup design more effective email campaigns, streamlining your efforts and taking the guesswork out of email marketing.
  1. Intercom. Intercom describes itself as a tool that “shows you who is using your product and makes it easy to personally communicate with them through targeted, behavior-driven email and in-app messages.” This innovative app facilitates better communication between business and customers, helping convert leads into paying customers.
  1. Dashlane. With all of these different apps and tools, a password manager will likely come in handy. Password managers allow you to synchronize passwords between accounts, ensuring that you will never misplace or lose a password. Dashlane is a high-quality password manager that boasts security and ease of use.


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