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The Shark Tank Formula For Startup Success (Infographic)

by Ivan Serrano



Starting a business is perhaps the most optimistic activity in which human beings partake. Let’s face it: the odds are stacked against startups; whether it’s established competitors, failing to gain traction in a highly-competitive industry, or just not securing the right funding that is literally the lifeblood of business, it’s very hard to get a startup going.


Shark Tank


Behind every good startup success story there is a central idea that provided the spark for that business. These ideas are unique, and that is why the business eventually succeeds. One of the biggest problems that face startup companies is that they struggle to find the target audience for their product or service and connect with them. Identifying and targeting this demographic needs to be one of the first aspects addressed, but oftentimes it is glossed over.


This infographic takes a look at the participants of the hit television show Shark Tank for inspiration. While many times show participants’ products fall through due to any variety of reasons, it’s still an interesting case study for those looking to take the plunge and start up.


The Shark Tank Formula For Startup Success (Infographic)



Ivan Serrano


Ivan Serrano is an infographic extraordinaire from the Golden Coast. He focuses on global business, social media and technology, but is really a jack of all trades. Connect with Ivan on Twitter @IvanSerrano55.








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