Wait! Why Haven’t You Signed Up For This Yet? Stop Making These 3 Marketing Mistakes

Tomorrow is the first day you can catch Corrina Gordon-Barnes’ excellent webinar on the top three marketing mistakes most startup founders make and how to skip the whole painful process of figuring it out yourself.


marketing mistakes


If you feel like your current marketing methods are falling short or that you’re not reaching as many customers as you should, sign up for the webinar now for a session as early as tomorrow. Oh, by the way, Corrina’s courses usually go for around a grand but her webinar with us is free so… Think about that.


Here’s a little background on Corrina, for those of you who are still on the fence.

Corrina is a certified coach, marketing teacher and self-employment champion who has committed her life to helping other self-employed people get the word out about their passion – i.e. their startup – with her business You Inspire Me.




Corrina knows from personal and professional experience that traditional sales and marketing don’t usually work for small startups. You’re not a huge corporation, right? So why would corporate marketing methods work for you? The truth of the matter is, corporate methods simply don’t translate to a passion-driven team with a fledgling company. You need startup methods if your startup is going to be successful.


Corrina’s personal inspiration comes from other entrepreneurs who choose to do things a little differently from the norm. She has spent the past decade analyzing exactly what works and what doesn’t and she’s ready to share her findings with you, KillerStartups community, in an awesome webinar that will outline three major marketing mistakes you’re making – and how to avoid them.


So why are you still reading this? Sign up for this free webinar and get a jump start on jumpstarting your business.


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