Should Your Startup Company Start A Blog?

by Courtney Gordner


There are so many considerations involved in getting a startup company off the ground, but having a company blog is a factor that may initially get overlooked. Although the activity requires dedication, spending even an hour per day contributing to a blog could pay off in big ways. Find out three reasons why below.


It Could Establish Your Authority

No matter what products or services your company offers, credibility will almost certainly boost sales and recognition. What is it about your business that makes it more appealing than competitors? That’s something you can answer in your blog, but only after first demonstrating you’re a reliable figure in your niche. Deciding to have one prominent person in your company take responsibility for blogging or have several authors is up to you, but it’s important that each writer take care to support the company’s vision and values.


It’ll Create a Buzz

The road is not always easy for startup businesses, especially if the market is already heavily populated with other options, making it hard to stand out. By creating a blog, you can begin to build momentum by dropping hints about what your company is up to, even before you’re open for business.




Create a sense of mystery by showing blurred photos of a new product you’ll release soon, or post a few riddles that’ll offer hints about grand opening specials. If you want to start on a user-friendly platform, try Tumblr. It has a social component, plus allows you to easily upload an enticing blend of photos and text posts. Blogging there would also put you in the company of several well-known brands. A lot of companies are choosing this method as a way to connect with and inform their customers. Any company can have one!


It Might Make You More Visible Online

If you’ve ever watched how many people search for what they need online, you might discover how there’s sometimes very little rhyme or reason to the methods used. Instead, efforts are often driven by trial and error. With that in mind, it’s ideal to make the website for your startup business be as easy to find as possible.


It will give you something that you will be able to share on social media sites. Social media is how you will connect with your potential customers and provide a personality that they will find appealing in a business. Since you’re just starting out, you won’t have much to tweet or post about. A blog will give you something to share and begin the conversations with your audience. Be sure to communicate with everyone who shows an interest in your blog early on so they keep coming back.



Make sure you are writing posts that can help explain what your company does, this way if anyone has any questions they can read about it. They may not think they need your services or products, but your blog can push them in the direction of your company. Also make sure to focus on good headlines, photos and descriptions to ensure viewers are clicking on your posts.




A blog could help with that mission, because search engines like Google rewards websites that are obviously filled with high-quality content. Sites of that sort get ranked higher, which means people don’t have to sift through several pages of results to find your startup’s website.


When you’re involved in something as important as investing in the success of your startup business, everything you choose to do, or conversely, not do, could have a huge impact on the outcome. Clearly, blogging has its benefits, and now it shouldn’t be hard to see why it’s worthwhile to start now. Don’t let it become an activity you shift to the list of intentions titled “Tasks to Do Later.”


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