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Startup Advice From GrowThink – What To Know Before You Venture Out On Your Own

Sometimes you have to talk to an expert entrepreneur to fully understand why things are they way they are. As far as entrepreneurism goes, people like Dave Lavinsky, can teach us a lesson or two about ways to be an entrepreneur.



Can Working For A Big Company Hurt You In The Future?

Do you or have you ever worked for a big company? If so, did you learn any valuable skills that helped you along the way to be a successful entrepreneur? Before you say yes or no, let’s hear what Dave Lavinsky of Growthink has to say.



Lavinsky would argue that you probably didn’t learn anything significantly helpful from the big company. Moreover, maybe you became lazy over time because you did the same thing day in and day out. Lavinsky wasn’t overly negative towards working with big companies; he explained that you can learn how to manage a big company. But the idea is big companies have a lot of employees that are there to do their jobs. In the beginning stages of your startup, you will likely not have access or the money to employee an army of employees. Unlike the big companies, you will have to settle with much less.


Now you’re confused more than anything, because you’re asking yourself, “well heck what should I do then to get started?” Good question. Besides racking your brain for ideas, you may ask friends, family, and cohorts, to recommend people to seek out to help you with your business. These people can become your advisory board. Grab some useful information from these recommended people who will give you sound advice, because they have been doing business for years and are hopefully successful.


Finding The Right Company To Work For

If work experience is the thing you want, working for businesses with venture capital is the way to go, according to Lavinsky. At least with some of these venture capital startups you’ll work with a company that looks promising. Here at these startups you can also obtain knowledge of what to do when you yourself start up your own company.




Certain experience can be learned over time, such as learning to be a good seller. Lavinsky gives his kids as an example. When they want something, they will give a sales pitch about what they want. We’ve all have done this as young kids, given reasons why we should have McDonalds or a certain toy, (such as a Playstation for Christmas).  You too will have to show an interest in your startup. You have to become salesman for your company.


Where you learn and how you learn your skills to be an entrepreneur can help you in the future. You want to make sure you can succeed successfully when you are out there on your own.


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