Know Your Customer: Who’s Who On Social Media

Keeping all of your company’s social media accounts updated can feel like a full-time job. In fact, it probably is a full-time job for someone in your office if you’ve advanced to the point where you can hire employees. Every time a new site gets popular it’s like there’s a whole bunch of methods you need to learn in order to keep up.


If you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the rat race that is the state of social media today, then a recent study from Business Insider will help lower your blood pressure a little bit. They took an in-depth look at all of the biggies (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.) and broke it all down for you in an excellent study.


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According to the study, Facebook is still mainly for the youngster, but the 45-54 year-olds grew by 45% since the end of 2012. That’s a huge bump in that age group, one that definitely shouldn’t be ignored when you’re thinking about how to best utilize Facebook.


More surprising than that demographic, however, is the fact that 85% of Facebookers live outside the US. Who woulda thunk it?



In keeping with every trend article over the past couple years about the narcissistic nature of millennials, the social network that is all about self-promotion is used by 27% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. Only 16% of the “olds” (as us 20-somethings like to call them), however, are tweeting on the regular.


(Note: “Olds” in this context means thirties and forties, duh.)




LinkedIn and Google+

The dudes love ‘em. No huge surprise there.



…Is for the ladies. Also nothing particularly shocking about that finding, as Pinterest first made headlines as a place for women to dream about weddings and home improvement. More interesting, however, is the fact that Pinterest users favor tablets.


Good to know when you’re working on your responsive design, isn’t it?





Business Insider says that this site is popular with “teens and young adults interested in self-expression,” which is… interesting, considering the fact that Tumblr has become pretty ubiquitous for their loose policy on porn. It’s also interesting because it means this is one social media site you probably don’t have to bother with unless, of course, your company focuses on teenagers.


Or porn.


Why is this important?

Knowing where your market is virtually hanging out is essential if you want your social media marketing strategy to be effective. If your company helps high school kids get into college, for example, your focus should probably be on Tumblr for the kids and Facebook with ads and posts targeted to them and to their parents.


See where I’m going with this?


You can find the full report from BI Intelligence on their site. Try it out for free for two weeks, after which you can choose whether or not you want to keep having access to data from these guys.


My advice? Give it a shot. Make that data work for you.


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